Our Business

Cafe Eikaiwa

Provide an environment where you can have a English conversation at a cafe with a participation fee of 500 yen.

Premium Cafe Eikaiwa

A program to learn English conversation at a cafe with ease and enjoyment with English native foreign instructors.

Private Lesson Program

Private lesson at a cafe by a native instructor. Provide customized program according to request.

Corporate Program

In the corporate program, we will address you about programs that are tailored to the issues and needs of companies.

About Us

By nurturing global people resources through languages and cultural education, we will contribute to the people and society.

Message from the CEO

Stellar Corporation's word Stellar has the meaning "excellent, wonderful". Through the program provided by Stellar Corporation, we are committed to send out the excellent people to the world and contribute to the society.

CEO Ryosuke Nishikawa

Message from the Chairman

In the midst of drastically changing world, Japanese globalization calls for attention. It is now highly required that numerous number of schools or corporations furnish English language skill not just reading and writing, but speaking capability. We, Stellar Corporation strives to contribute to this endeavor.

Chairman Tamotsu Ohara

Company profile
Company name
Stellar Corporation
October 1, 2018
PORTAL POINT -Ebisu-, Ebisu Garden Place Glass Square B1, 4−20−4, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Board of directors
Chairman Tamotsu Ohara
CEO Ryosuke Nishikawa
Foundation of Cafe Eikaiwa.
Opened 30 Cafe Location for English conversation in Tokyo.
Added new cafe location at Yokohama, Chiba and Saitama.
Started to service at Kobe.
Expanded into western part of Japan and opened additional locations at Osaka. Nagoya, Hiroshima, Fukuoka.
Reached to totally 50 English cafe throughout Japan
Started a new program called Premium Cafe Eikaiwa featuring native English speaker as an instructor.
October 1, 2018
Established Stellar Corporation
We are currently recruiting English teachers.

Please check this page for more details about the English teacher recruitment.

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For inquiries, please send us your name after filling in the mail text to the address below.

e-mail: info@stellar-corp.jp